Hate To Gym? Home Workout As Effective; Follow This HIIT Workout And Lose Weight!

Don’t enjoy going to the gym? No time to go to the gym? Don’t worry!

Researchers conducted a study wherein they investigated a home-based high-intensity interval training (Home-HIT) programme and studied its benefits for clinically obese individuals with an elevated risk of heart disease. The study was published in The Journal of Physiology.

A HIIT workout can be kept short but needs to be intense for it to be effective. This is an excellent workout to burn maximum fat in a short period of time.
Below are some popular and effective HIIT exercises that will burn maximum calories.

Always warm up before starting any workout session

Once you’ve warmed up and prepared your body you can start these exercises but remember to repeat the session in sets of 10, 15, 20 reps with a 15-20 sec rest between each exercise.


1. High knees – The aim is to get your knees as high as possible and it aims at your lower abs, quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.try doing this at a high speed

2. Jumping jacks – These are the good old jumping jacks. It works at the calves, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, hip.
jumping jacks

3. Rope jumping – This is done using the skipping rope and is a great full body workout.

4. Push ups – These too help immensely with the core and help tone the upper and lower abs, hamstrings, calves, butt, shoulder, bicep and triceps.

5. Butt Kicks – Stand with your feet apart and then begin with kicking your left feet into your left glute and then same with right. increase intensity.

6. Lunges – this is a single-leg bodyweight exercise that works your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, and inner thigh. Lunges can help develop lower-body strength and endurance and are quite effective in evening out muscle imbalances. Lunges can shape up the calves, quads and glutes

7. Mountain Climbing – These help shape the core. get into a plank position and draw the right knee in towards the chest without lifting hips and bring it back to its position. repeat same with the left knee.

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